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Mølbro A / S was founded in 1947 by Carl & Poul Møller.


Mølbro has since 1947 developed, designed and manufactured parts for plows, harrows and other related tillage implements.


Mølbro has always exported a very large part of the production, and several of Mølbro's customers at home - and abroad have been continuously since the beginning.

Our goal

Our overall goal is to serve the professional growers with the best products on the market.


We focuse constantly on the industrial agriculture, which - via Mølbro - have access to a wide spare part program. This applies to all plows and other tillage equipment used in modern farming.


Mølbro's design and production of products means extended life of wear parts. This results in the lowest possible cost for the professional grower. In other words, it is always worthwhile to use Mølbro's products.